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Vote for Rishi Arun Parikh - vote a cleaner and a better Mombasa for all. A better brighter future.


My Dear Patriotic Citizens of Mombasa.

I, *Rishi Arun Parikh*, stand before you to ask you for your Vote as the *M.P*. for *Mvita Constituency*. I will deliver good *Governance and Legislation* to you as i have been through various *County and Private Organisations* for the last *5 years*.

My Manifesto shall be based on *Governance and Legislation* where

  1. Public *Involvement* in Public Projects will be the norm. Total say by direct communication to the Secretariat and *Me* the MP via Social Media, Visits, Meetings or Phonecalls. *Public Opinion* is Paramount.

  2. Youth and *Women* Engagement and *Empowerment* throgh numerous *Community Based* Organizations and *Sporting* Organizations.u

  3. Basic and Mandatory Service *delivery improvement* like Water, Security, Infrastructure, Health, Garbage Management.

  4. 4. Tourism, Culture and Trade encouragement through strong *Public Channels* to make Mvita a condusive *Trading Environment.*

  5. Strong and Vigorous *Representation* in the *National Parliament* of what the *Mvita Citizens* want.

Thanking you in advance. God Bless Mvita, Mombasa & Kenya!