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wh@t's on mombasa

wh@t's on mombasa

whats-on-mombasa.com is the largest online provider of event information along the Kenyan coast.


We publish daily most up-to-date information about events of all kinds like nightlife, music, exhibitions, theatre, movie and many more. The event portal is being updated several times per day.
The posting of events is FREE. Send detailed information of your event to info@whats-on-mombasa.com. We recommend to send also poster or photos of your event.
On request we design your artwork.
Our aim is to promote the coastal culture & event scene.


wh@t's on mombasa provides a wide range of useful information for tourists as well as for residents. We provide several directories. Our coastal  accommodation and nightlife directories are the largest in the net. The listing in these directories is also FREE.


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Contact us right now: info@whats-on-mombasa.com



Send your event to info@whats-on





Send your event to info@whats-on-mombasa.com - we post it for free!




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