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NEWSLETTER  -  Weekend Events from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th May 2023
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Friday 26th May

Sizzlers Steakhouse & Grill Diani Beach Rd
Live Band Music with Hakuna Matata Band

Flevaz Inn Mtwapa
Asili Band Live with Jimmy Ngala

Divas Lounge Bamburi
Rhumba Nostalgia

New Cheers Bamburi
African Night with New Cheers Band | DJ man P.

Safari Inn International Meeting Point Shanzu Serena Rd
Jambo Africa Band

Club Hypnotica Nyali
Freaky And Blubbly Friday Party with DJ Hans | DJ Elly | DJ Blly Jean

New Kluxx Lounge Bamburi
Total Regggae Niceness with Junior Kevo | DJ Smarter | Selector Mandela | Selector Gadaffi | MC Manyota | MC Shattah | MC Jahlas | Tremor D Entertainer

Redwood Lounge Nyali
Classic Reggae Friday with DJ Collo | DJ Bizz | MC Dee

Marina Seaside Restaurant Mtwapa
Friday Karaoke Show with Jo Musiq

Tapas Cielo
Walker Friday with DJ Pablo | DJ Frank | DJ Dennz

Midwest Bar & Rest Mtwapa
Midwest Experience with DJ Ken

Apollo Club Changamwe
Ohangla Fridays with Achieng Nyarongo

The New Big Tree Bamburi Beach
Foam Party Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Edition with DJ Phauz | MC Chapatizo | Miss Lukoye | Sweetie

Kusini Tavern Kilifi
las Furahi day with DJ Teeone | MC Kangeta

Tandoori Bar Diani
DJ Vosti Spartan

Sol Sureno
Karaoke Rewind with Sanaipei Tarde

Supersport Lounge Bamburi
Mobasa Take Over White Cap Cultured Social with DJ Vosti Spartan | Mr Vancie

Amore's Pizza Lounge Watamu
Kishutu Night with Msenangu Band | Manu Bayaz

Qua Bruce Bar And Restaurant Diani Beach
Karaoke Night party with Lydia | DJ Kibz

Distant Relatives Kilifi
Sonic Fusion with DJ Larrination | MC Gambino

Club The Place Bamburi
Baikoko Twerk Dancing Competition with DJ Maya | DJ Emoire | DJ Nixx | DJ Susya

Anuba Lounge Nyali
Feel Good Friday with JT The Drone | DJ Beatmapp | DJ Mejja

Sky Lounge Bamburi
take Over Friday with DJ Snoopy 254 | DJ Boss 254 | DJ Empire

Mingles Lounge Nyali
Revolution Reggae Fridays with VJ Cheche | DJ Simon warrior | DJ Punchez | MC Blackross | Trema The Entertainer

Whiteball Lounge Nyali
Loxe Friday with VJ Kriss

Saturday 27th May

The New Big Tree Bamburi Beach
Luau Hawaian Festival with DJ Ronyle | DJ Prince Amar | Miss Lukoye | Sweetie

Charlie's Lounge Along Beach Road Mtwapa
Reggae Saturdays with Daddy Silk | DJ Simon Warrior | MC Blackroze

Blue Romm @ Likoni Mall
Strings - A Live Guitarist / Singer

Club Hypnotica Nyali
Sassy Saturdays with DJ Hans | DJ Mess | DJ Billy Jean

Apollo Club Changamwe
Ohangla Saturday with Mtu7saba & Seven's Afrobeat Band

New Club Legend Mtwapa
Bum Bum Sato with DJ Ken | MC Apollo Kent

Standard Grill Mtwapa
Rhumba Night with Ricky Mulolo & idologia Musica Band

Oasis Beach Bar & Restaurant
Saturday Live with
Vumisha Groove Band

Dejavu Bar Bombolulu
Zilizopendwa Saturday Nights with DJ Ras Moddy

New Kluxx Lounge Bamburi
Total Regggae Niceness with Junior Kevo | DJ Smarter | Selector mandela | Selector Gadaffi | MC Manyota | MC Shattah | MC Jahlas | Tremor D Entertainer

Club Mios Bamburi
Omgi Saturday with VJ Brown | DJ Grandson | DJ Amir

Maasai Bars And Restaurant
Cool Tempo Band | DJ Hammy

Club 10:45 Soul Breeze Resort
First Saturday Night with Dee Fattar Aka Soul Queen

Club 10:45 Soul Breeze Resort
Ramoz Effect with DJ Ramoz

Kusini Tavern Kilifi
Kryptic Saturday with DJ Kryptic

Yacht Lounge Mtwapa
Yacht Reggae Thursdays with DJ Moh | Vj Chacha | DJ Simon Warrior | MC Blackross | DJ Punchez

Mabeshte Sports Bar Malindi
Bum Bum Saturday with DJ Lio | MC Chapatizo

Sky Lounge Bamburi
All White Birthday Party Celebrating Madam Ceo Queen Zuu Bakeries with DJ Emoire | DJ Icon | DJ Boss 254

Anuba Lounge Nyali
Saturday Night Plan with DJ Kath | DJ Beatmapp | DJ Mejja

Mint Lounge Bamburi
The Drone Experience with JT The Drone

Mingles Lounge Nyali
BBQ & Cocktails Saturdays with DJ Snoopy 254 | DJ Lenium



Every Day
The New Big Tree Beach Resort
Let's Play Chess



Every Thursday
Maasai Villa
Games Night

Sunday 28th May

Maasai Bars And Restaurant
Jambo Africa Band

Oasis Beach Bar & Restaurant
Saturday Live with
Vumisha Groove Band

Midwest Bar & Restaurant Mtwapa
Sunday Special with DL Ken

The New Big Tree Bamburi Beach
La Festa Sunday with Mombasa Roots Band | DJ Ronyle | MC Chapatizo | DJ Prince

Apollo Club Changamwe
One Love Reggae Vibe Sundays with DJ C-Mple Ken | DJ Trench | King Kayrankz | MC Lupking

Marina Seaside Restaurant Mtwapa
The Joly Dundowner Show with Jo Musiq | Lydia-Soloist | Alan Rogers

Kusini Tavern Kilifi
Sunday Reggae with DJ Teeone

Club Hypnotika Nyali
Bumbum Sundays with MC Apollo Kent | DJ Hans | DJ Mess | DJ Billy Jean

Club Lego Mtwapa
Aluta Sundays with DJ Ken

New Club Legend Mtwapa
Rhumba Night with DJ Ken

Divas Lounge Bamburi
Rhumba Sundays with Ambro La Musica

Samba Arena Bamburi
Ultimate Sunday Service with DJ Calvin | DJ Snoopy | MC Chapatizo | DJ Smarter | MC Blackrose

Diamonds Dream Of Africa Malindi
Onda Sunday Sessions with DJ Ali Papi

The Moorings Mtwapa
Sunday Soul Party

New Club Legend Mtwapa
Rhumba Night with DJ Ken

Mingles Lounge
Sunday Bubbles & Bottles with DJ Electrick | DJ Ernest | AJ The DJ | DJ Brofa | Johnny Daddy

Yacht Lounge Mtwpa
Afro Fusion with Afro Simba Band | DJ Mdosi



Saturday 27th May
Moonshine Beach Bar Nyali
The Arabian Beats Night with DJ Deshal | The Liquid Drummer Live

Saturday 27th May
Turkey Base Kiembeni
Radio Kaya Presents Kikwetu Nigt with New African Sounds Band | Asili Band | msenangu Band | Brassoo



Saturday 27th May 4 pm
The Cave Kilifi
25 Years Rotari Club Of Kilifi



Every Sunday
Kingston Beach Lounge Nyali
Chill Out & Play

Every Weekend
Big Tree Bamburi Beach
Kids Arts Lessons

Every Sunday
Big Tree Beach Hotel Bamburi Beach
Let The Kids Play & Have Fun

Every Sunday
Dejavu Bar Bombolulu

Family Show


Friday 26 | 05
Low water: 02.08: 1.0 m
High water: 08.20: 2.4 m
Low water: 14.01: 1.3 m
High water: 20.25: 2.6 m

Saturday 27 | 05
Low water: 03.07: 1.2 m
High water: 09.28: 2.3 m
Low water: 15.17: 1.5 m
High water: 21.33: 2.4 m

Sunday 28 | 05
Low water: 04.21: 1.3 m
High water: 10.56: 2.3 m
Low water: 17.02: 1.5 m
High water: 23.02: 2.3 m

Note: Add 40  min for Lamu and 5  min for Malindi, no change for Kilifi and Diani.



Friday 26 | 05
10.00, 12.45, 15.30, 18.15 & 21.00: The Little Mermaid 3D
11.00, 14.15, 18.00, 19.30 & 21.00: Fast X
14.30 & 20.30: The Kerala Story (Hindi)
17.15: Love Again
17.30: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 3D
17.30 6 20.30: IB 71

Saturday 27 | 05
10.15, 13.00, 15.45, 18.30 & 21.15: The Little Mermaid 3D
11.00, 14.00, 15.15, 17.00, 18.15, 20.00, 21.00 & 22.00: Fast X
13.00: The Super Mario Bros. Movie 3D
14.00 & 16.40: The Kerala Story (Hindi)
15.00, 18.00 & 21.15: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 3D
19.20: IB 71

Sunday 28 | 05
10.30, 12.45, 15.30, 17.00, 18.15 & 21.00: The Little Mermaid 3D
10.45, 17.30 & 20.30: IB 71
12.15, 14.00, 15.15, 17.00, 18.15, 19.45, 20.30 & 21.15: Fast X
14.00: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 3D
14.30: The Kerala Story (Hindi)



Every Day
The New Big Tree Beach Resort
Pepea Kite Surf



Saturday 27th May 7 pm
S.G.S.S. Sikh Temple Mombasa Mwembe Tayari Rd
Food Festival medical Fund Fun Day

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